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Norwegian Jaerhon (Norske Jærhøns) Chickens​

The only truly Norwegian chicken, the Jaerhon or Jaerhons is a small autosexing breed that lays medium-large white eggs. They are active foragers and prefer to free range. Tiny and flighty, the Norwegian Jaerhon was made to roam! They are a landrace breed selected to survive outside during harsh Norwegian winters, and they do not do well locked in a run 24/7. People say chickens can’t fly, but these little guys sure act like they can! They and our Svarthönas are always up high in the trees or on roofs. 

We have two lines – one from Ideal Poultry and one from a private breeder who imported her birds directly from her family’s hometown in Norway back when it was legal. Chicks need more TLC and adults don’t seem to live as long as other breeds – we are working towards increasing hardiness.

If anyone knows of any other Norwegian Jaerhon lines somewhere in the United States, please let us know! Sandhill and Ideal are both the same line. 

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Jaerhons lay on average 215 medium-large white or tinted eggs per year.

  • Weight

    Jaerhon hens weigh about 3.5lbs and roosters about 5lbs.

  • Cold Hardiness

    Jaerhons are relatively cold hardy, but roosters are prone to frostbite on their large combs.

  • Broodiness

    Jaerhons occasionally go broody. Every now and then, we have a couple hens who want to, but they are the minority.

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Jaerhons do not handle captivity well. They fly up the walls of the run trying to escape!

  • Personality

    Jaerhons are spunky, flighty little things. Roosters are feisty and protective, but we've never been attacked by one.

Photos of Past & Present Jaerhon Flock (Started 2022)

Jaerhons Pullet
Jaerhons Pullet
Jaerhon Roosters
Jaerhons Pullet
Jaerhons Cockerel
Jaerhons Pullet
Jaerhons Chicks
Jaerhons Pullets and Cockerels
jaerhon eggs
Jaerhons Pullet Chick
Jaerhons Cockerels
Jaerhons Hens and Bourbon Red Turkeys