Black Copper Marans Chickens

The preferred egg-layer of Julia Child (and James Bond), Marans are famous for their chocolate-colored eggs. We raise the Black Copper variety, and we breed them to the French standard that keeps feathered shanks. 

We have experimented with raising Marans from a few different popular lines, and our newest pen is an absolutely stunning breeding group from APA Grand Master Skip Bittner. So far, his have had the best personalities, and we hope to form a second pen with some of his birds in 2024. 

We select for both SOP and egg color here, with SOP having the edge. Egg color varies from season to season, but if one of our hens ever lays lighter than a 4 on the color scale, we pull her from our breeding pen.

Most of the eggs in the photos below are from our Blue Copper Marans, who made us fall in love with the breed. She has unfortunately passed on. We didn’t think to take photos before we sold our previous breeding groups, but we’ll update ASAP once these new girls start!

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Marans lay on average 200 medium-large dark chocolate brown eggs per year.

  • Weight

    Marans hens weigh about 6.5lbs and roosters weigh about 7.5lbs.

  • Cold Hardiness

    Marans are very cold hardy and have feathered legs for a little extra protection. Their giant, glorious combs are VERY prone to frostbite, though. They and our Welsummers are always the first to get hit with it, no matter how clean & dry & ventilated our coops are.

  • Broodiness

    Marans hens occasionally go broody, but it's not something they're known for. We've never had a broody one here yet.

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Marans prefer to free range and are excellent at it, but they are also content locked in a run. They're very calm and easygoing birds!

  • Personality

    So far, all of our Marans have been sweet. The hens are VERY submissive! Some people say that the roosters can be aggressive, but we haven't noticed that yet at all. If we did, we would cull hard! We do not want to pass on aggressive genetics in our birds, even if they're gorgeous or lay the darkest eggs in the history of eggs.

Photos of Past & Present Black Copper Marans Flock

Marans Rooster Should Have Kept
Black Copper Marans Rooster
Black Copper Marans Rooster
Black Copper Marans Rooster
Black Copper Marans Rooster
Blue Copper Marans Eggs
Marans, Legbar, Olive Egger Eggs