Welsummer Chickens

We were very excited to find our Partridge Welsummers – they come from an almost-autosexing line and we are working to strengthen that feature. A Dutch breed, they are friendly and great foragers. They lay gorgeous speckled dark brown eggs – some get almost as dark as our Marans. We breed more for SOP than egg color with this line because we want to keep our beloved autosexing trait. It’s so convenient! Our stock came from Deer Run Farm, who purchased the line from Will Morrow & Kent Ozkum at Whitmore Farm when they retired in 2017.

Deer Run is one of the last remaining large Welsummer breeders in the country. When we sought out to find some, literally the only place anyone recommended consistently was their farm. We are so excited to have gotten some from them!

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Welsummers lay on average 200 medium-large dark brown eggs per year. Some are almost as dark as our Black Copper Marans eggs and some are lighter with chocolate speckles. We love both!

  • Weight

    Welsummer hens weigh about 5.5bs and roosters weigh about 7.5lbs.

  • Cold Hardiness

    Welsummers are very cold hardy, but their giant, glorious combs are VERY prone to frostbite. They and the Black Copper Marans are always the first to get hit with it, no matter how clean & dry & ventilated our coops are.

  • Broodiness

    Some say that Welsummer hens are prone to broodiness, but we haven't really seen it ourselves yet.

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Welsummers prefer to free range and are excellent at it, but they are also content locked in a run. They're very calm and easygoing birds!

  • Personality

    So far, all of our Welsummer roosters have been calm. Not super friendly, but also not aggressive towards us or other roosters. Our hens have been kinda standoffish, but not afraid or mean. They just like to do their own thing.

Photos of Past & Present Welsummer Flock

Welsummer Chick
Welsummer Chicks
Welsummer Cockerel
Welsummer Pullet
Welsummer Pullet
Blue Copper Marans Eggs
Welsummer Pullet
Welsummer Cockerel
Firstfruits L. Donald’s Penny and Welsummer Cockerel