Tufted Roman Geese

Critically endangered in the US, this is one of the oldest goose breeds in the world! In Roman mythology, they were the Goddess Juno’s sacred animal, and they are historically credited with saving the city during the invasion of the Gauls. They alerted the sleeping guards to the enemy as they tried to take the city by surprise. Jess was a Classics major, so she is geeking out and we are incredibly excited to have started our flock from APA Grand Master Exhibitor Nate Rynish!

Most poultry associations recognize both the tufted and untufted (aka classical) varieties, but the American Poultry Association only allows the Tufted version in their Breed Standards of Perfection. 

Tufted Romans are supposed to be white with pink bills and feet, but some breeders are experimenting with other colors such as Buff.

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Tufted Romans lay about 35-45 eggs per year, from around March through June.

  • Weight

    Tufted Romans are considered a small-sized goose. Females weigh around 10lbs, and males about 12lbs.

  • Cold Hardiness

    These geese are very cold hardy and happily walk around in the snow.

  • Broodiness

    Like most geese, Tufted Romans are VERY broody and can hatch their eggs much better than any incubator would.

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Tufted Romans much prefer to free range and keep our grass pastures trimmed, but they do tolerate confinement.

  • Personality

    During mating season about March through June, Romans can get hissy, but otherwise, they are generally docile. They aren't as curious as our Pilgrims are, but they also aren't as loud haha.

Photos of Past & Present Tufted Roman Goose Flock

Tufted Roman Goslings
Tufted Roman Geese
Tufted Roman Geese
Tufted Roman Geese
Tufted Roman Goose
Tufted Roman Gosling
Tufted Roman Geese
Tufted Roman Goose Broody on Eggs
Tufted Roman Gosling
Tufted Roman and Pilgrim Geese