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Goat Breeding Season Fall 2023: Part I

Back Country Acres Maui in Rut

It’s officially that exciting and nerve-wracking time we’ve been building up to, Breeding Season for our goats! Over the weekend, a few girls were in standing heat and had their first rendezvous with the boys:

  • Riesling was bred to Maui.
  • Penny was bred to Maui.
  • Luna was bred to Heartbreaker.
  • Dolly was bred to Smoothie and they LOVED each other!
  • Swiss was bred to Wylee – it was originally supposed to be Ron, but we couldn’t catch him. She kept trying to mount Wylee more than he did her, so we’ll see how that turns out.
  • Lady was bred to Hot Shot, but he had a really hard time and it didn’t seem like he was able to fully consummate. We’re not sure whether he’s just too short, too well-endowed (he’s the tiniest dude with the most massive girth), her tail was too long, or maybe she wasn’t fully in heat yet. Either way, we’ll definitely keep an eye on her and maybe try again with someone else. We found out today that he’s not fully registered with MDGA due to a sire issue, so we’ll probably bench him until that’s resolved.

We will monitor the girls to see whether they go into heat again, and we’ve still got Honey, Diana, maybe Gazelle, and possibly two of our biggest 2023 kids, Vera and Sharpie. A couple more does are coming to us in October and we will try to breed them in November, but we’ll have to see how they deal with the stress of travel.

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