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Goat Breeding Season Fall 2023: Part II

BCF Legacy's Avalon

We’ve officially performed all but 3 of our planned pairings at least once, so now we’re playing the waiting game to make sure everyone sticks. We’ve had to retry a couple so far, and poor Penny miscarried at least one embryo last week. Since all but 5 of our girls are First Fresheners and all but 2 of our breedable bucks are under a year old, we expected some trouble as they all figure out what to do; plus fertility is probably a bit low after the months-long pneumonia saga. Everyone finallllly appears to be healthy and active now after that whole drama, so hopefully we still get a few babies next spring and even more in 2025! We are updating our breeding plans as we go, and will add due dates after pregnancies are confirmed. Click here to see our Mini Nubian and Oberhasli goat breeding plans. 

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