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Goats for Sale

On this page, we have listed goats currently for sale. Feel free to check out our breeding plan, too (subject to change)!

The prices below include registration applications. Unregistered females can go for half the listed price and unregistered males for $50-$250, depending on traits (i.e. polled, blue eyed, etc).

Reasons our pricing might be higher than what you’re used to:

  • We pay for annual health testing.
  • We pay for DHI milk testing.
  • We pay for Linear Appraisal and/or shows.
  • We pay for DNA testing.
  • We pay for organic soy-free, sometimes corn-free feed & the best alfalfa hay that we can find.
  • We pay the vet to disbud using sedatives and/or pain relief.
  • We pay for the best holistic and/or traditional medical care available, as needed.
  • We paid for premium genetics from some of the best herds in the country.


3rd Gen. Mini Nubian
DOB 02/24/2024

Bezoar & White Poll Doe $650
Black & Extensive White Buck $600

Dam: Green Gables AC Amazing Lady
   DS: Green Gables MB Amazing Comet +*B
   DD: Green Gables DT Southern Belle 4*P (Multiple MDGA Top 10 Milk Weight & Butterfat Weight, 2023 MDGA V-Show Grand Champion and Best Udder of Breed)

Sire: Foggy Fork Farm Hot Shot *S/*B
   SS: Skillman’s Twilight After Sunset *S
   SD: Springs Run FJC Wild Violet AR*D/*P (TMGR Top 5 Butterfat Weight)

(Sire’s dam pic courtesy of Foggy Fork Farm)

5th Gen. Mini Nubian
DOB 02/27/2024

Blue-eyed, Moonspotted, and Polled Buck $650

Dam: Green Gables AC She’s A Doll
   DS: Green Gables MB Amazing Comet +*B
   DD: Green Gables CGF She’s a Peach 5*P

Sire: Mosaic Menagerie Smooth Criminal *B
   SS: Cedar Creek Outlaw Blues *B
   SD: Mosaic’s Chantilly Lace 3*P (MDGA Top 10 Butterfat % and Weight)

(Sire’s dam pic courtesy of Mosaic Menagerie & granddam pic courtesy of Cedar Creek)

3rd Gen. Mini Nubian
DOB 02/27/2024

Black & Tan Swiss Doe, Possibly Chocolate Modifier $600 (pending)

Dam: Green Gables CGF Lil Swiss Girl
   DS: Green Gables Cali’s Grand Finale +*B
   DD: Skillman’s Andromeda *P

  SS: Blackberry’s BQ Lunar Eclipse *B
  SD: FMCH Blackberry’s Charcoal 2*P (MDGA Top 10 Milk Award)

(Sire’s dam & granddam pics courtesy of CA Blackberry’s)

3rd Gen. Mini Nubian
DOB 03/19/2024

Light Bezoar/Caramel Buck with White Poll and Partial Belt $500

Dam: Foggy Fork Farm HoneyPot Of Gold 2*P
   DS: Skillman’s Twilight After Sunset *S
   DD: Joyous Farm Ferrari AR*D/*P

Sire: Homeward Bound BA Ronald
   SS: Homeward Bound RB B.A. Baracus
   SD: Red Boots Farm Milk & Honey

(Dam pic courtesy of Foggy Fork Farm and sire’s dam pics courtesy of Homeward Bound Farm)

3rd Gen. Mini Nubian
DOB 03/21/2024

Polled Black Doe with Moonspots, White Blaze, and White Poll $650 (pending)

Polled Bezoar Buck with White Blaze, Partial Belt, and a Couple Possible Moonspots $600

Dam: Green Gables SOF Penny Candy
   DS: VMCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +*B
   DD: Wonderful Farm SG Royal Candy *P

Sire: Green Gables Cali’s Grand Finale *B
   SS:Green Gables GS Remember the Battle *B
   SD: Green Gables Cali Luna 4*P

(Dam & sire’s dam pics courtesy of Green Gables)

American Experimental Oberhasli
DOB 03/29/2024

Black Buck – $75 unregistered, $125 wethered at 12 weeks

Dam: Autumn-Acres GT Gazelle
   DS: *B Haycreeks Sandman Traveler 89 VEE
   DD: CH Autumn-Acres Cover Girl

Sire: Back Country Acres Maui
   SS: CH Ober-Board Viggo
   SD: Back Country Acres Ritz

(Sire’s dam pics courtesy of Back Country Acres)

Adult Does

Gazelle is gorgeous and SO sweet! Unfortunately, her parasite resistance isn’t where we’d like it to be in our herd – she’s susceptible to mites. At first, we thought that maybe it was a zinc issue and the vet thought it might be something hormonal, but nooope – it’s mites! We tried every holistic remedy and are moving through the arsenal of chemicals now. We paid $850 for her and are accepting offers. 

Honey probably has the best topline in our herd and also has a very strong will to milk. We absolutely love her udder shape & attachments! Her fore udder is one of the smoothest in our herd. And her teats are easy to milk out by machine or fingers, although they’re Nigerian Dwarf-sized. She’s very sweet and loves to come up to us for attention and treats, but full disclosure – she is hard to catch if she suspects that we’re about to do something unpleasant. For physical improvements, we’d breed her to a buck who improves feet and maybe adds a tiny bit of depth.

2nd Gen. Mini Nubian
DOB 03/01/2019


(Udder pics courtesy of Foggy Fork Farm)

Luna is a rare and stunning black Oberhasli! She’s friendly and easy to handle, and we can’t pinpoint any major flaws. She could use a little work on her topline and rump angle, but it’s not terrible and she’s still filling out. The only reason she’s being listed over others is that she hangs out by herself and isn’t really close with anyone else in the herd. 

American Oberhasli AB2268696
DOB 04/19/2022

  • Dam – The Fence River Lydia – AB2042860
    • Dam – The Mack’s Jojo – PB1822410 (purebred)
    • Sire – Firstfruits Donald Peter – AB1898101
  • Sire – Firstfruits Dels Donald – AB1747935
    • Dam – Firstfruits Victor Dinah – AB1677358
    • Sire – Rachelsie Sento Del Sol – PB1545749 (purebred)

Adult Bucks

Ron has turned into a gorgeous stud and we love him! He’s very sweet with us and also with the younger boys. He does have a 6th sense and bolts if he thinks we’re about to catch him for something unpleasant, but the rest of the time he comes right up to us for scratches and treats. He’s one of our most respectful dudes, too! For flaws, he’ll need his scurs watched – they grow back into his head and need to be trimmed occasionally. He also needs his feet trimmed more often than some of the other guys do.

6th Gen.
DOB 03/14/22

Livestock Sales Policies

By placing a reservation or purchasing from us, you agree to the following:

First and foremost, ALL SALES FINAL - no refunds or returns of any kind will be accepted. We stand by our offerings and want buyers to be happy, but as soon as animals or products leave our hands, whatever happens to them is out of our control. There are too many risks involved with accepting returns that might have been mistreated, infected, or tampered with once off our property.

Priority is given to Performance herds. In addition, for each intact 2024 kid, we are offering to pay the original buyer $50 for the first awarded milk star, linear appraisal, and/or sanctioned show award that the goat receives in the original buyer’s care, for a possible total of $150 per Oberhasli or $100 per Mini Nubian (Mini Nubians unfortunately aren’t eligible for Linear Appraisal).

We reserve the right to sell animals to what we feel are the best homes based on management and care. Deposits will be refunded if we choose to cancel a sale.

We reserve the right to collect up to 30 straws from any intact buck that we sell, at any time during his life, for the cost of collection.

On or before the day of pick up, we request cash, Venmo, or Zelle for the balance due. Balances due must be paid in full before the animal leaves the farm. No personal checks will be accepted. If absolutely necessary, we will accept certified or cashier's checks.

We offer two lists: a paid reservation list which gives buyers first choice (after us), and then a free interest waitlist that we send notices to as animals become available before we share them with the public.

Being added to our paid reservation list or free waitlist gives you options AFTER we have retained any kids. We reserve the right to retain any kid bred by our farm at any time, at our discretion.

Please contact us if you would like to be added to one of our lists.

If you would like to reserve an animal, we require a non-refundable $100 deposit. Must be 18 years or older to place a deposit. When making a deposit, please tell us what you are hoping for - gender, a specific breeding, etc.

Deposits are non-refundable for any reason UNLESS we are unable to meet the specifications listed when a deposit is made. If we are unable to meet the specs, at your request, we can either refund your deposit, apply it to a different animal, or hold it for the next year. If an animal meeting your specs is available and you decide that you do not want that one for any reason, your deposit is forfeited.

PayPal Friends & Family, Venmo, and Zelle are our preferred method of payment for deposits, but we also accept cash, as well as certified or cashier's checks. Sorry, no personal checks.

We reserve the right to sell animals to what we feel are the best homes based on management and care. Deposits will be refunded if we choose to cancel a sale.

Buyer is responsible for pick-up/transportation. If any vet exams or certificates are required to cross state lines, buyer will pay for those before they take place.

If goat kids are not picked up before 10 weeks of age, a $3/day boarding fee will apply. If an animal is not picked up by the arranged date, buyer will forfeit their deposit and the animal will be the sole property of JK Herd It All to retain or sell, unless other arrangements are made. View recommended transport options here.

On or before the day of pick up, we request cash, Venmo, or Zelle for the balance due. Balances due must be paid in full before the animal leaves the farm. No personal checks will be accepted. If absolutely necessary, we will accept certified or cashier's checks.

Please remember that as soon as an animal or product leave our hands, whatever happens to them is out of our control and we cannot be held liable for them. There are too many risks involved with accepting returns that might have been mistreated, infected, or tampered with once off our property.

All of our goats have originated from clean-tested herds and have themselves tested CAE-free, but because we brought in a few new herd members recently, all kids will be bottle fed and kept on a separate pasture for the next few years. This helps to prevent the spread of undiagnosed disease.

If you would prefer a dam-raised kid, we'd be happy to do that upon request if the kid is paid for in full before birth (because it's difficult, if not impossible, to graft a kid back onto a doe after it has been taken away). If the paid-for kid is not born or passes or has a health concern, we will gladly refund you or try again with another kid, if you prefer.

If kept on a bottle, most kids are ready to head to their new home by 4-5 weeks. If the buyer would like us to dam-raise, kids will be available at about 10 weeks of age.

All kids will be disbudded unless buyer pays full price within 5 days of birth - there is a very short window to safely disbud, and horned dairy goats are unfortunately difficult to find homes for.

Please note that disbudding can result in scurs, especially in bucks. We have it done by a vet with decades of goat experience, but it still might happen sometimes.

Wethers and Pet Only does will be sold without registry papers.

We are dedicated to maintaining our herds and land as naturally as possible, but we have come to terms with the fact that Wisconsin is not a natural environment for goats, and they sometimes need help thriving here.

After struggling with both Clostridium and Pneumonia in the same year, we are strongly leaning towards vaccinating our herds for both. We haven't done it yet, but will if 2024 isn't better than 2023 was.

We realize that this is a very personal choice, so we would vaccinate our own herd and keeper kids, NOT ones we have listed for sale. Kids would inherit some immunity from their dams and will be able to be vaccinated upon arrival at your farm. If you would like us to vaccinate a kid, we would be more than happy to do it for you, but only upon request.

Buyer has the option at the time of pick up to refuse the animal if they feel that the animal is not healthy. We cannot warrant the health status of an animal after it leaves our property. All sales are final. Taking an animal off our property implies that you have read and agreed to the sales agreement and are satisfied with the condition of the animal.

Stress can be rough on them and they can go downhill quickly. Something like shipping fever can infect and kill a kid within a few hours. Therefore, unfortunately, we can offer no warranties or guarantees on the health & viability of an animal. However, we do make one exception: if an animal sold for breeding stock (not wethered and not pet only) is found by a licensed veterinarian to have a genetic condition preventing use in breeding, we will refund or replace that animal. Cosmetic conditions that might negatively affect the quality of the animals or their offspring do not apply; only conditions that prevent successful mating and raising of kids; such as hermaphroditism, freemartinism, or extra teats or orifices (which is very rare in dairy goats).

Our goat herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johne's. If any other tests are requested, we are happy to administer them if the purchaser pays.

We treat our goats holistically with products from Molly's Herbals, Fir Meadows, and Land of Havillah whenever possible. If something dangerous pops up and herbal treatments are not working, we will call our vet and use Western medicine as needed.

All of our animals are from the very best lines we could find, with many milk award and exhibition winners in their gene pool. This does NOT guarantee that our animals or any of their offspring will be show quality or win awards, or have amazing milk production or udders. That's just how the lottery of genetics works. In order to be fully transparent, we have listed flaws that we've noticed and are working towards correcting in each of our animals.