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"Candy" - Green Gables SOF Penny Candy

2023 was coming to a close and we REALLY weren’t going to add another goat … BUT … šŸ§”

We are still bummed about losing our favorite Mini Nubian buck, Marky Mark, before we could even breed him, and we spent months scouring 2024 waitlists for his relatives. So when Eliya made Penny Candy available, there was no way we could resist – she’s Mark’s dam! Her topline is a tiny bit weak at the chine, and her rear udder could use a little more height & arch, but she is gorgeous and acts so much like Mark! We are hoping that she gains a bit more milk production for her 3rd freshening, too. 

Penny Candy’s barn name at GG is “Penny” but since we already have a doe with that name, we’re calling her “Candy.”

Click here to see Candy’s page with more photos and details from her time at Green Gables. 

Virtual Show Record

2023 – 10th place 3yr old in ring 2 of the Summer MDGA vshow (class of 18)

2023 -12th place 3yr old in ring 1 of the Summer MDGA vshow (class of 18)

2021 – 2nd place dry yearling (class of 23) MDGA Summer Vshow

2021 – 5th place dry yearling (class of 23) MDGA Summer Vshow

Candy's Kids

“Mark” – Green Gables E German Mark – we bought him from Eliya and he was so, so promising until he passed unexpectedly

With Cal, owned by Green Gables – due 03/24/24, kidded 03/21/24 – Polled black & tan moonspotted doe (Lira), polled bezoar buck (Mark II), horned moonspotted bezoar doe (Tala)

Candy's Paternal Grand-dam - Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P

(Photos courtesy of Green Gables)