Our Black Friday Splurge: Goat Semen

BlackBerry’s BQ Encore

After losing our buck Mark this spring and then struggling with pneumonia a couple months ago, we REALLY wanted to get our boys collected this fall, but weren’t able to make it out to the scheduled stop. But since then, we’ve been learning more about AI (not the computers that will take over the world, but Artificial Insemination).

We’ve had a couple different nitrogen tanks in our shopping cart at SemenTanks.com for a while now, so when they posted their Black Friday sale, we finally bought one: the MVE XC 34/18. We’re afraid that it might be TOO big, but another breeder highly recommends this model for ease of use – the smaller ones have smaller mouths that are a pain to work with.

We snagged some VERY nice semen straws from Kirt at Ober-Boerd, and we’ll probably grab a few less expensive starter ones from Blue Mountain Genetics for us to practice and learn with.

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