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Pneumonia in Goats: Part II

Raindrop Pneumonia

Please note that we are not medical experts and the following should in no way be considered medical advice. We always recommend consulting a veterinarian. What we did below was in cooperation with our (amazing) livestock vet.

We are still dealing with pneumonia in both our doe and buck herds. The Draxxin has been unable to kick it, so our vet gave us Resflor Gold yesterday. He said he much prefers Nuflor, but they were out of stock. Resflor Gold contains Banamine but in amounts made for cattle, so it needs to be dosed very carefully. Banamine given for more than 3 days in a row can cause kidney damage in goats.

It is also THICK! We couldn’t move it at all through a 20 gauge needle and it’s even difficult with an 18 gauge, so we had to jump to 16 gauge for adults and 18 for kids. The dose is 6CC/100lbs. Some people recommend 3CC/100lbs, but our vet prefers the labeled instructions.

Online instructions for scheduling are all over the place, but our vet said to do one shot and reevaluate in 24-48 hours, then re-administer if needed. Most people online say to administer every day, but that’s dangerous due to the banamine.

A warning: we had thought the Draxxin was painful, but this Resflor Gold is even worse! Poor tiny Petunia cried for a solid 15 minutes.

But so far, it seems like it’s working for almost everyone! Maui has stopped rattling and Honey hasn’t coughed at all today that we’ve seen. Petunia, Ron, and Hot Shot still have green mucus in their noses – but Hot Shot has stopped coughing, so we think and pray that one more dose will do the trick.

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