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Buyers are responsible for covering all costs associated with transportation. This includes shipping charges, crates, health certificates (CVI), and any state-specific tests or requirements.

We are located in Mishicot, Wisconsin 54228; about 1.5 hours north of Milwaukee. We are willing to work with ground transporters, but might not be able to take off work to meet them if they don’t offer door-to-door service.

We are happy to drive up to 30 minutes for free.  Any further, and we would need to figure out our work schedules, but are willing to transport for $1/mile – that’s about the cost of gas for our truck.

Most Trusted Transporters

We have worked with a few ground transporters. Our favorites are below:

Medicine Mountain Pet Transport
(541) 238-4366
We love that they keep a small climate-controlled trailer with limited sizes & quantities of livestock, so they’re able to pay attention to them and love on them throughout the trip, and they share almost daily Instagram videos. They also offer door-to-door service!

RedRiver Transport
We love that they own goats themselves and know how to handle any emergencies that might arise along the trip. They have a large livestock trailer and do pickups and drop-offs near major highways along their route, so scheduling might be a little harder, but we highly recommend them for people who can make it work!

Other Popular Transporters

We have NOT worked with the below transporters yet, but have heard nothing but great things about them: