Ameraucana Chickens

Unlike Easter Eggers that hatcheries often sell as Ameraucanas, these are the real deal. We love their fluffy cheeks, pea combs, and sky blue (sometimes minty) eggs!

We raise a few Ameraucana varieties: Self-Blue Ameraucana (aka Lavender Ameraucana), Black Ameraucana; and Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, and Splash Wheaten Ameraucana.

Our main Self-Blue and Black Split pen is directly from APA Grand Master Exhibitor Paul Smith. We also have some Self-Blues from Rachel Heldermon. To preserve feather quality, we breed our Self-Blue Ameraucanas (aka Lavender Ameraucanas) back to Black or Black Split Ameraucanas every few generations. Chicks during those years might be Self-Blue or Black carriers of the Self-Blue gene, usually about 50/50 each hatch. 

Starting in 2024, we will be offering birds from our two Wheaten pens. We have a mix of Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, and Splash Wheaten chickens and they will produce any of those colors. One pen started with genetics from Rachel Heldermon and the other from Brad Hensen.

Structurally, we think most of our Ameraucanas are looking very close to the SOP. The biggest flaw we’ve noticed on some of Paul’s blacks and self-blues is a gold bleed through. Some self-blues also have banding on their feathers, which is why we tend to use Black/Self-Blue mixed pens.  

As our starter group of Wheatens from two lines grew, we removed two that had feather stubble on their legs, two whose combs were too large, one that didn’t have a high enough tail angle, and three that didn’t have beards.

We will of course only use the best birds we hatch, so we hope to reduce these minor complaints as time goes on.

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Ameraucanas lay on average 200 medium sky blue (sometimes greenish) eggs per year.

  • Weight

    Ameraucana hens weigh about 5lbs and roosters about 6lbs.

  • Cold Hardiness

    Ameraucanas are exceptionally cold hardy! Their peacombs are perfect for our Wisconsin weather.

  • Broodiness

    In our years of keeping them, we've never had an Ameraucana hen go broody!

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Ameraucanas prefer to free range but are okay being in a run if allowed to go out and explore occasionally.

  • Personality

    Ameraucanas are docile. Even the roosters are usually friendly with people and each other.

Show Record

2023 Brown County Fair Open Poultry Show

Black Ameraucana Pullet – 2nd Place (Bred by Us | Owned & Shown by Ashley VandenBush)

Self-Blue Ameraucana Pullet – 3rd Place (Bred by Us | Owned & Shown by Ashley VandenBush)

Waffles and Miracle the Black and Self-Blue Ameraucana Pullets at 2023 Brown County Fair
Waffles and Miracle the Black and Self-Blue Ameraucana Pullets at 2023 Brown County Fair

(Photos courtesy of Ashley VandenBush)

Waffles and Miracle the Black and Self-Blue Ameraucana Pullets at 2023 Brown County Fair

Photos of Past & Present Self-Blue and Black Ameraucana Flock (Started 2022)

Self-Blue Ameraucana Cockerel
Black Ameraucana Cockerel
Chantecler and Ameraucana Eggs
Black Ameraucana Cockerel
Self-Blue Ameraucana Rooster
Self-Blue and Black Ameraucana
Self-Blue Ameraucana Hen
Self-Blue Ameraucana Chick
Ameraucana Eggs
Black Ameraucana Rooster
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Photos of Past & Present Wheaten Ameraucana Flock (Started 2023)

Ober-Boerd Kirlia and a Wheaten Ameraucana Rooster
Wheaten Ameraucana egg
Wheaten Ameraucana Chicks
Wheaten Ameraucana Roosters
Wheaten Ameraucana Rooster
Wheaten Ameraucana Rooster
Wheaten and Self-Blue Ameraucana Roosters
Wheaten Ameraucana Pullet
Splash Wheaten Ameraucana Cockerel