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Buckeye Chickens

Buckeye chickens are the only APA-recognized breed created by a woman, so Jess HAD to have them in girl-power solidarity. They quickly stole our hearts – they are sweet and curious, always underfoot, and great bug hunters. They’re also very cold-hardy with tiny pea combs. Of all our chickens, these are our absolute favorite and we hope to always have this breed in our coop. Sure, there are flashier chickens that lay prettier eggs, but none of the others have matched our Buckeyes’ amazing personalities. Our line is from Bill Dyke, who retired in 2021. He started with Lay/Shumaker lines, and most people agree that he bred the friendliest birds they’d ever seen!

Flaws we’ve seen since starting with this line a few years ago are that a couple of the roosters have stayed a bit small, most have black in their hackles, one hatched with a standard comb, and not all have that gorgeous slate color in their under-feathers. We will of course only use the best birds we hatch, so we hope to reduce these minor complaints as time goes on. Structurally, most have looked very close to SOP so far.

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Buckeyes lay on average 240 medium-large light-brown eggs per year. They have been our only birds consistently laying during the winter, too.

  • Weight

    Buckeye hens weigh about 6.5lbs and roosters should weigh about 9lbs. Some breeders are letting them get too small, which is against SOP.

  • Cold Hardiness

    Buckeyes are exceptionally cold hardy! Their pea combs are perfect for our Wisconsin weather.

  • Broodiness

    Buckeye hens are prone to broodiness, some more than others.

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Buckeyes definitely prefer to free range, but are also content in a run. They are little raptors, though! They will happily chase down any bug or mouse or small reptile they can find.

  • Personality

    Buckeyes are ridiculously curious and constantly underfoot, trying to "help" with whatever we're doing. The roosters all live in harmony. In the bachelor pad, they're consistently tied with the Bielefelders for lowest in the pecking order.

Photos of Past & Present Buckeye Flock (Started 2021)

Buckeye Cockerel
Buckeye Hen
Buckeye Rooster
Buckeye Hens
Buckeye Pullet
Buckeye Hen
Buckeye Chick
Buckeye Chicks
Ears a tiny bit too big, but might use him with small-eared hens. We'll see.
Buckeye Chick
Sent to a pet home - bad coloring
Buckeye Hen
Ended up culling - threw too much black and comb was too big
Buckeye Pullet
Buckeye Cockerel
buckeye light brown eggs
Probably not using this one, but maybe
Buckeye Eggs
Buckeye Chick
The very best boy!
Buckeye Chick
Buckeye Hatching Egg
Ron and Buckeye Hens