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Reference Goats - Gone But Not Forgotten

Sometimes crisis strikes and despite our best efforts, we lose a goat. Or sometimes, we move them on to other farms after their work here is done. View these past members of our herd here. 

Mini Nubian Bucks

"Mark" - Green Gables E German Mark

2nd Gen.
03/01/19 – 06/15/23

Marky Mark was SUCH a little character! He was our smallest buck, but had the biggest and silliest personality. He passed FAR too soon, from frothy bloat/enterotoxemia after breaking into a container of goose feed. With our vet’s help, we fought day and night for a week to save him, and we thought he was finally safe, but he passed while we were running to the store for more probiotics.


Oberhasli Bucks

Oh, Moose! We had such high hopes for this guy. He is an awesome dude and ridiculously sweet, but grew out to have a slight underbite and kinda weak hooves. With castration and a careful feeding program, he might make an awesome pack goat! Or, you know, food. A local guy willing to overlook his relatively minor flaws bought him for his program. 

Unregistered (bucks from grade dams can’t be registered)

DOB 04/22/2022