Our Frozen Straw Inventory

Now that our buck pen is full of amazing boys, we’ve decided to stock up on semen straws as backups in case something awful happens to our guys. Plus, there are some crazy awesome genetics out there that we’d love to add to our herd! Below is our current inventory and our cost. Some might be for sale here and there, but we plan to hoard the majority for ourselves at this time.

Mini Nubian Semen Straws

Oberhasli Semen Straws

We WANT these ones, among others:

  • ALLLLL of ++*B SGCH Tonka-Tails Tipperary Prince (4) $50 ea (GCH FS92 EEE – 2010, 2011 National Premier Sire) – from Kirt

  • 5 of Autumn Acres Gravity – Blue Mountain
  • 5 of Buttin Heads Duncan Hines – Blue Mountain
  • 5 of Haycreeks Archer Timber – Blue Mountain
  • 5 of Ober-D’Rainbow VRD Hotn’Spicy – Blue Mountain
  • 5 of Sir Echo Brights Swiss Gift – Blue Mountain