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Pneumonia in Goats: Part III

The pneumonia saga continues! After full courses of Draxxin and Resflor Gold, we thought we had kicked the disease. But with another couple weeks of

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Pneumonia in Goats: Part II

Please note that we are not medical experts and the following should in no way be considered medical advice. We always recommend consulting a veterinarian.

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Pneumonia in Goats

When we were first researching goats, the #1 warning that we heard everywhere is that they’re VERY prone to respiratory issues. They evolved to survive

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Helping Chicks Hatch

A lot of people ask us how to help chicks hatch. We are assisting a struggling chick right now, so I thought I’d write a

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Scratched Corneas in Goats

Last Thursday, we were SO excited to bring home an amazing little buckling, Mosaic’s Smooth Criminal. We don’t care all that much about superficial flashy

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We’ve Moved!

When we first started up our official company and website, we decided to be cheap/lazy and build our site in GoDaddy, which is our DNS

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