Chantecler Chickens

Originating in Canada, the Chantecler is THE chicken for northern climates – they’re cushion-combed and have tight feathering for severe winter weather, are sweet as can be, love to free range, lay a ton of large brown eggs, and roosters grow to about 9lbs for those who have a freezer camp. 

Our Partridge Chanteclers originally came from Rob North, who started with stock from Shelly Oswald – both were hugely instrumental in bringing this amazing breed to the US. Flaws that we have seen in the line so far are that some of the boys hold their tails too low and a couple have too-large ears & wattles. We will of course only use the best birds we hatch, so we hope to reduce these minor complaints as time goes on.

Our Buff Chanteclers came straight from the aaaamazing Mike Gilbert, who keeps absolutely stunning birds. His Ameraucanas are also to die for!

Quick Facts

  • Eggs

    Chanteclers lay on average 220 large medium-brown eggs per year. They usually lay well in the winter, but for some reason, only our Buckeyes & Ameraucanas did for 2022-2023. We are trying to determine the cause of that!

  • Weight

    Chantecler hens weigh about 7lbs and roosters should weigh a minimum of 9lbs.

  • Cold Hardiness

    Chanteclers are exceptionally cold hardy! They were bred for Canadian winters, and their cushion combs are perfect for Wisconsin.

  • Broodiness

    Chantecler hens are VERY prone to broodiness - almost all of ours start sitting on eggs all together every spring.

  • Captivity Tolerance

    Chanteclers definitely prefer to free range, but are also content in a run, as long as their is enough space for their larger size.

  • Personality

    We have only had Chanteclers for a couple years, but so far, we are loving them! They are friendly and curious, and roosters have all been respectful so far.

Show Record

2023 Customer:

“…the judge said he’s exactly what the type should be, just a bit baby in the feather category yet”

Photos of Past & Present Partridge Chantecler Flock (Started 2022)

Partridge Chantecler Pullet (front) and Cockerel (back)
Partridge Chantecler Hen and Rooster
Chantecler and Ameraucana Eggs
Partridge Chantecler Hen
Partridge Chantecler Rooster and Hens
Partridge Chantecler Cockerels
Partridge Chantecler Hen
Chantecler Hatching Eggs
Partridge Chantecler Rooster
Partridge Chantecler Pullet (front) and Cockerel (back)
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Photos of Past & Present Buff Chantecler Flock (Started 2023)

Buff Chantecler Cockerel
Buff Chantecler Cockerel
Buff Chantecler Cockerel
Buff Chantecler Cockerel
Buff Chantecler Hens
Buff Chantecler Hens
Buff Chantecler Pullet
Buff Chantecler Cockerel
Buff Chantecler Hens