Heritage Geese

One thing we’ve had to educate potential buyers about, is that geese are NOT true guardians! They are almost as defenseless as chickens, but they make excellent alarm systems – they’re constantly on the lookout and alert the flock to danger, then everyone runs away together while the real guardians (dogs, people, etc) take care of the problem. But if there is a predator and the geese are unable to get away, they will not survive the encounter. Ganders might sometimes try to stand up to a predator, but most of the time, it does not end well. 

Geese are incredibly smart and sensitive. They can live up to 40 years (usually around 20). If someone hurts one, it’ll hold a grudge forever. If someone is kind, it will remember that as well! When they imprint on you, they follow you around like puppies. A favorite treat that they all seem to love is romaine lettuce.

During breeding season from March through July, geese tend to get snippy, but the rest of the year, they are incredibly sweet and curious! They wander our pastures just looking around and seeing what we or the other animals are doing. We love them and hope to always have them!

Our Heritage Goose Breeds

This medium-sized heritage breed was created right here in the Midwest, and they are friendly, quiet (compared to other geese), and auto-sexing – you can tell gender at hatch with 75-90% accuracy. We have two trios, so we can provide totally unrelated breeding groups if requested.
Critically endangered in the US, this is one of the oldest goose breeds in the world! In Roman mythology, they were the Goddess Juno’s sacred animal, and they are historically credited with saving the city during the invasion of the Gauls. Jess was a Classics major, so she is geeking out and we are incredibly excited to have our flock!