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Nubian Dairy Goats

We LOVE our Mini Nubians and wanted to see what a full-sized Nubian would be like, and also to create our own line of F1 Minis. Our first Nubian fell into our laps – she is closely bonded with one of our Mini girls, Vivi, so we brought them both home together (also with Vivi’s stunning daughter, Rowena)!

Our top goals, more or less in order, are:

  1. Herd with zero history of the major diseases
  2. Friendly but not pushy personality, and respectful towards people – even in rut
  3. Longterm health and vitality
  4. Well-attached udders and decent-sized teats that hold up over a lifetime
  5. Lots of milk and/or butterfat
  6. Nice overall conformation

Feel free to check out our breeding plan (subject to change).

Our Nubian Does

(Udder pics courtesy of Davinia)

Purebred – PN1769267
DOB 04/19/15