"Moose" - Firstfruits Tucker's Moose

Oh, Moose! We had such high hopes for this guy. He is an awesome dude and ridiculously sweet, but grew out to have a slight underbite and has trouble putting on weight because of it, so we are unable to breed him. He’s also freaking annoying while in rut, constantly suuuuper intensely blubbering and lipping at us. With castration and a careful feeding program, he might make an awesome pack goat! He really is a great guy when his hormones haven’t taken over.

Unregistered (bucks from experimental/grade dams can’t be registered)

DOB 04/22/2022


Moose comes from an AMAZING line – his maternal grandsire is (unregistered) Haycreeks Arrio Starbuck out of the widely respected Haycreek Farm. His line has been around for a long time and is known for being long-lived, with incredible productivity into their teen years. Starbuck’s (experimental/grade) dam was a Grand Champion and his (American) sire was awarded Superior Genetics Grand Champion. So we had to jump on this opportunity, even if it means his sons can’t be registered (but their daughters can).

Moose's Dam - Firstfruits Starbuck's Clara at 7 years old

Firstfruits Starbucks Clara Rear Udder
Firstfruits Starbucks Clara Side Udder
(Photos Courtesy Of Firstfruits Farm)

Moose's Paternal Grand-Dam - Haycreeks Resolute Shuffle

Haycreeks Resolute Shuffle Side View
(Photos Courtesy Of Haycreek Farms)