"Luna" - Firstfruits Donald's Luna

Luna is one of our original Ober girls, and we love her! She and her sister Penny came to us from the heads of the retired Oberhasli Goat Club, Bob & Darlene at FirstFruits Farm. She has some very nice old-school purebred genetics in her recent pedigree (including Rachelsie Sento del Sol 🤩). She’s only a year old and will hopefully even out, but right now, her shoulders are a little too high in the withers and her rump is overly rounded. She has a really nice brisket and depth, though!

American AB2268696

DOB 04/19/2022

  • Dam – The Fence River Lydia – AB2042860
    • Dam – The Mack’s Jojo – PB1822410 (purebred)
    • Sire – Firstfruits Donald Peter – AB1898101
  • Sire – Firstfruits Dels Donald – AB1747935
    • Dam – Firstfruits Victor Dinah – AB1677358
    • Sire – Rachelsie Sento Del Sol – PB1545749 (purebred)

Luna's Dam - The Fence River Lydia - FF Photos

(Photos Courtesy Of Firstfruits Farm)​