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"Maui" - Back Country Acres Maui

Maui and his brothers were about to go to the processor when we saw him for sale, and we are so glad that we did! He is quite possibly the best goat in the history of goats, and is turning into SUCH a stud muffin! He’s our buddy and our herd king, following us everywhere to see what we’re doing and requesting pets, but not being a jerk about it like some of the others (*cough* Moose *cough*). In rut, he keeps the more annoying bucks (… Moose …) away from us, which is very much appreciated. As long as his personality remains like this as he ages, we’ve promised him that he will live out his days here with us! 

American AB2254638
DOB 02/26/2022

Maui's Kids

With Penny – due 02/26/24, kidded 02/19/24 – black buck (Frankie) and bay buck (Johnny)

With Riesling – due 02/26/24, kidded 03/01/24 – lighter doe with small white spot on poll (Futura), darker doe (Helvetica)

With Gazelle – due 03/24/24, kidded 03/29/24 – giant black buck (Moo) and stillborn black doe

With Luna – due 04/05/24, kidded 04/04/24 – two nearly identical bay bucks (Ivar didn’t want to stand at first and Odin had a weird eye at first, but both recovered)

Maui's Dam - Back Country Acres Ritz

Back Country Acres Ritz  Rear Udder 2
Back Country Acres Ritz  Rear Udder 1

(Photos courtesy of Back Country Acres)

Maui's Full Sister - FF Udder

Maui Sister

(Photos courtesy of Back Country Acres)

Maui's Paternal Grand-Dam - GCH Ober-Boerd T Veja 2*M

Ober-boerd T Veja Side View
Ober-boerd T Veja Rear Udder

(Photos Courtesy Of Ober Boerd)