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Heritage & Designer Chickens
Our goal is to raise rare, friendly, free-ranging, cold-hardy chicken breeds that can perform well both in shows and at home.
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Welsh Harlequin Ducks
We strive to raise Welsh Harlequin ducks that are friendly, meet breed standards, and lay more eggs than some of our chickens do.
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Pilgrim Geese
Our dream is to raise rare heritage Pilgrim Geese that are friendly, thrive on our pastures, and meet breed standards for exhibition.
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Mini Nubian Dairy Goats
We do our best to raise Mini Nubian goats that are friendly, resistant to parasites, have well-attached udders that produce large amounts of milk loaded with butterfat, and perform well in shows.
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Oberhasli Dairy Goats
Our mission is to raise Oberhasli goats that are friendly, thrive on our land, have well-attached udders and conformation that hold up over a lifetime, and are trainable as pack goats.
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Guernsey Dairy Goats
We want to create our own breed-up program of Guernsey goats with well-attached udders and award-winning conformation.
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Raw Honey & Produce
We seasonally offer raw honey and produce from our garden and orchard, along with various preserves & ferments.
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Established 2021

Welcome to Our Homestead

We have made it our mission to help preserve and improve a variety of endangered heritage breeds on our farm. We care for our land and animals as naturally as possible, and we are working towards becoming certified organic within the next few years. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

About Us: Growing Roots

After years of moving from place to place in the Navy, Ken met Jess in Illinois and whisked her away to start a new life in NE Wisconsin. He grew up on a horse ranch in East Texas, and she was born & raised in the Chicago suburbs with a zillion traditional & exotic house pets; both of them always dreaming of having acreage on which to farm and keep their own livestock.

Ken and Jess both hold full time jobs on top of managing the farm, so please be patient if you try to contact them and don’t get a response right away! Ken is a senior nuclear operations instructor and Jess is a senior in software engineering.

We Herd It All

We couldn’t decide a single chicken breed to specialize in – there are SO many great ones! We chose to raise a few heritage breeds known to be docile, cold-hardy, and good foragers; and a couple modern designer breeds solely for colorful eggs. Our girls lay a whole rainbow from blue to dark chocolate brown! We often have hatching eggs, chicks, pullets, cockerels, hens, and roosters available from exhibition lines.
One of the newest heritage duck breeds and under Watch by the Livestock Conservancy, Welsh Harlequin Ducks are friendly, good foragers, and excellent egg layers. They’re small but have tasty meat that is leaner than most other ducks. And they are autosexing! During breeding season, we can offer hatching eggs, ducklings, hens, and drakes from famous show lines.

We’re huge fans of autosexing breeds, so we had to have Pilgrim Geese! Listed as Threatened by the Livestock Conservancy, this heritage goose was created right here in the Midwest. They’re one of the quietest and most docile breeds, and a medium size for the table. During their short breeding season, we have hatching eggs, show-potential goslings, dames, and ganders available.

Nubian dairy goats produce a lot of milk but are huge, and Nigerian Dwarf goats produce rich, sweet milk but in tiny amounts. Mini Nubians are a mix of these two African breeds, and they are the perfect size, with the perfect amount of milk for us! Our herd is registered at MDGA and TMGR under the name JKShrunkTheKids. Each spring, we have a limited number of Mini Nubian kids from Top Ten milking lines available.
Descended from Swiss goats, Oberhasli dairy goats are generally calm and quiet, unlike our silly Mini Nubians. They produce sweet, clean-tasting milk, and they are also often used for trail packing. This breed is thankfully now listed as Recovering by the Livestock Conservancy. Our herd is registered with ADGA as JKHerdItAll. Each spring, we have a limited number of American Oberhasli kids from champion-packed pedigrees available.
A rare breed originally from the British Isle of Guernsey, these dairy goats are known to be extremely docile and hardy. They produce sweet milk that is generally between Obers and Mini Nubians in butterfat, although in slightly smaller quantities. Our Guernseys will be dual registered with ADGA and BGS under JKHerdItAll. Each spring, we might have Experimental (SR or FB), American (HB1 or HB2), or Purebred (BG) Guernseys available. 
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American Guinea Hogs - (Maybe) Coming Soon!

Listed as Threatened by the Livestock Conservancy, AGH are a rare landrace breed that is perfect for small homestead-type farms. They stay small (under 500lbs) and thrive on pasture with very little grain. They root less than their larger cousins and are friendly and easily trainable, like giant dogs, only with tusks that can kill you. They will clean up our orchard, till our gardens, take care of leftover produce, and provide meat & lard!
We run Minnesota Hygienic Italian and VSH Wisconsin honey bees in our apiary. After loosing our other hives every year to Varroa Destructor no matter how much we tested & treated, we decided to only keep mite resistant bees. But if you see a swarm on your property, feel free to reach out! Depending where they are and whether we have the tools, we’d be happy to rescue them. We also have raw local honey and beeswax available seasonally.

We grow a variety of fresh produce, as well as preserves and fermentation projects. We were thinking about joining the local Farmer’s Market, but it’s a little bit sad-looking and also pricey, so we might just continue to update our availability for all farm goods (including poultry and eggs) on our Farmish storefront, as well as our farm store page here on our site.

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