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Green Gables E German Mark Eating Kens Hat
Rowena x Encore Buck 2024

Goats and Ghosts: 2024 Spring Recap

Whew, the past few months have been a whirlwind! We’ve definitely learned some things about ourselves and other people. Here’s a brief overview: We Can’t Control Nature & Our Time Is Finite This was our first major kidding season and, while everyone is thriving, it has taken all of our

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FirstFruits Penny 2024 kids - Frankie and Johnny

Monday Surprise – Preemies!

When I went to check on everyone yesterday morning, I heard an unfamiliar voice in the doe pen – looking into one of the calf huts we’re preparing for the kidding due next week, I found Penny cleaning a brand new baby! As I crawled in to check on them,

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Norwegian Jaerhon Rooster

A Polar Vortex and Chicken Popsicle

We’re in the middle of a polar vortex that started right after last week’s blizzards, and temps are below zero. With windchill, the average Real Feel is -35F. Things seemed to be going as well as they could until last night – despite our best efforts, we now have a

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Green Gables SOF Penny Candy

Gearing Up for Kidding & Milking Season

In about 45 days, we’ll have this year’s first goat kids on the ground, and we can’t wait! Here are some of the big-ticket items we’ll be using this year: Kidding Stalls We had planned to purchase some nice, heavy-duty Sydell pens and a ShelterLogic hoop shelter for kidding, but

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BlackBerry’s BQ Encore

Our Black Friday Splurge: Goat Semen

After losing our buck Mark this spring and then struggling with pneumonia a couple months ago, we REALLY wanted to get our boys collected this fall, but weren’t able to make it out to the scheduled stop. But since then, we’ve been learning more about AI (not the computers that

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BCF Legacy's Avalon

Goat Breeding Season Fall 2023: Part II

We’ve officially performed all but 3 of our planned pairings at least once, so now we’re playing the waiting game to make sure everyone sticks. We’ve had to retry a couple so far, and poor Penny miscarried at least one embryo last week. Since all but 5 of our girls

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Back Country Acres Maui in Rut

Goat Breeding Season Fall 2023: Part I

It’s officially that exciting and nerve-wracking time we’ve been building up to, Breeding Season for our goats! Over the weekend, a few girls were in standing heat and had their first rendezvous with the boys: Riesling was bred to Maui. Penny was bred to Maui. Luna was bred to Heartbreaker.

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Foggy Fork Farm HoneyPot of Gold

Pneumonia in Goats: Part III

The pneumonia saga continues! After full courses of Draxxin and Resflor Gold, we thought we had kicked the disease. But with another couple weeks of rain and temps bouncing from 40 to 80, everyone is acting “off” again. Nobody seems SICK sick like they did before, but just about everyone

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Raindrop Pneumonia

Pneumonia in Goats: Part II

Please note that we are not medical experts and the following should in no way be considered medical advice. We always recommend consulting a veterinarian. What we did below was in cooperation with our (amazing) livestock vet. We are still dealing with pneumonia in both our doe and buck herds.

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